Medicare Advantage & Tricare For Life

How Veterans & Spouses Get Extra Benefits For No Extra Cost

Veterans & Spouses with Medicare have a choice between Standard Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage are plans provided by private insurers. There are even specific options designed for Veterans & Spouses with Tricare For Life.  Medicare Advantage includes the same medical benefits as Standard Medicare, but may include more benefits for no extra cost.

Dental & Vision

Medicare Advantage plans for Veterans & Spouses will include comprehensive dental coverage and vision benefits for eye exams & glasses.

Hearing Aids & Other Extra’s

Medicare Advantage often includes benefits for hearing aids, gym memberships, and over the counter medicine & vitamins.

Lower Monthly Cost

Medicare Advantage plans designed for Veterans & Spouses can have a monthly rebate that lowers your overall cost of Medicare. You could get the extra benefits and end up with a lower monthly premium.