Medicare Advantage & Tricare For Life

How Veterans & Spouses Lower Their Medicare Cost And Get Extra Benefits

Veterans & Spouses with Medicare have a choice between Standard Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage are plans provided by private insurers and there are specific options for Veterans & Spouses.  These options often have extra benefits, including a rebate that lowers your cost of Medicare. You could end up getting more benefits and a lower monthly cost.

Part B Giveback

Part B Giveback is a benefit included with Medicare Advantage for Veterans & Spouses. It is a monthly rebate applied to your Medicare premium and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

Extra Benefits For Zero Extra Cost

In addition to a lower monthly cost, Medicare Advantage often have more benefits than Standard Medicare, including; Dental, vision, hearing aids, gym memberships, and over the counter medicine & vitamins. These benefits are included for zero cost to you.


Medicare Advantage includes the same medical coverage as Standard Medicare under Medicare A & B. By choosing Medicare Advantage, you aren’t losing any benefits.