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How To Benefit From This Guide

  • Read or skim this information to learn the basics about the parts & features of Medicare. Find out about some general benefits you’re not aware of.
  • Contact us for details about programs & benefits available in your county. Get all of your questions answered.
  • Take advantage of the open enrollment season and make any changes to your Medicare that improve your costs & benefits.

The Parts Of Medicare

If you already have Medicare, you may be aware of this already. But, it never hurts to refresh your understanding. Medicare has 5 parts, with the main ones being Parts A & B. Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospitalization, skilled nursing facility, and home health care.  Medicare Part B covers doctors, outpatient treatment and testing.

The Other 3 Parts

  • Medicare Advantage – Sometimes known as Part C, these are private insurance plans. You have the choice of being covered directly through Medicare (Standard / Original Medicare or a Private Insurer (Medicare Advantage).
  • Part D – Medicare prescription pharmacy benefits. Medicare does not provide coverage directly but instead through private insurers.
  • Supplements – Medicare Supplements are insurance plans that supplement Medicare A & B. They are offered by private insurers and help cover medical costs. CHAMPVA provides the same function, so in most cases, Medicare Supplements aren’t needed by CHAMPVA recipients.

Medicare Advantage

How To Get The Most Medicare Benefits For The Lowest Cost

With Medicare, you have the choice of getting your benefits directly through the government (Original Medicare) or through a private insurer (Medicare Advantage). Both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage include Part A coverage for hospitalization and Part B for doctors & outpatient care.

Tricare & CHAMPVA can be your secondary insurance to either Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Plus, Veterans with VA can have access to Medicare Advantage as well. Original Medicare is “one size fits all” and the same for everyone in the country. Medicare Advantage gives you various choices that may be a better fit for your unique situation. This includes plans that are designed specifically for those with Veterans and Military benefits.

The “Advantage” in Medicare Advantage is that they include more benefits than Original Medicare, at the same or lower monthly cost. The additional benefits you can get with Medicare Advantage include;

  • Dental, Vision, and Hearing Aid coverage.
  • Silver Sneakers – Gives you free access to exercise facilities and online exercise videos.
  • Part B Giveback $ – This is a benefit included with some plans that gives you a monthly rebate to lower your monthly cost of Medicare.
  • Prescription – There are Medicare Advantage options that include pharmacy coverage and some that do not, you have choices. Many with Veterans & Military benefits do not need pharmacy prescription coverage.